Monday, 27 April 2009

things im loving ....

*im absolutley loving just wearing concealer and mac msf with a touch of body shop shimmer waves bronzer, prestige skin lovig minerals pure shimmer a highlighter and springsheen blush by mac, ith mascara and coral or pin sheer lips and lots of mascara is love!!
*im loving the ntural hair look too just blasting it sry and maybe straightening the ends and leaving it, iv just received my conical wand but still trying to figure it out, think my hairs just weird!
*loving the hottie that gets on my bus!! mysterious!!! haha
*loving the fact my hol is booked yey, malia here we come!!
*cherry airwaves, cherry carmex cherry everything, do u c the pattern? i love cherries!!

im currently hating...
*the indicisive wether!! booooooo
*the battle i still have ongoing with my skin!!
*being stressed cos im running the joint at work!!
*bank hols...i hate hate hate them!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

' in's & out's '

hey everyone so i thort id do my ins and outs for this week so here they are..


*me me me highlighter instead of putting powder all over my face
*mac's speed dial lipstick on its own...sooooo pwiitttttyyyyyy
*mas fluidline in blacktrack, amazing does not budge!
*mac's frankly scarlet blush with a very very light hand
*mac eyeshadows in sweet lust with venus in the crease
*victor & rolf flowerbomb beautiful!!! is the only word!
*big unwashed hair with a side quiff!
*my lil bro passing his driving test first time! well done babba!!
*booking my jolly hols tmoz yeyyyyyyyyyyyy


*spots spots and more spots
*ANY lavender lipstick....eeeeewwwww sorry guys im just not feeling it at all!
*nice weather + Lisa (me) = hayfever in every form boooo hooooo
*missing all the lovely sunnyness cos of work!!
*being well n truly skinto!!
*my stomach!! its soooo not ready for summer

Monday, 20 April 2009

barry m lilac lip paint

hey guys!!
is it just me that really hates that lilac colour?
i mean... it makes teeth appear yellowy, looks like its just sitting on top of your lips etc etc i hate hate hate it!!
i honestly really dont thnk its a nice colour?
anyone else agree or does everyone love it?xxx

Sunday, 19 April 2009

ok so i went into matalan yesterday and was very suprised at all the lovely things, but i managed to just buy things i needed but am planning to go back for some goodies next week.

things i got...

matalan haul..... very suprised

the contents of my makeup bag ...

i havent figured out how to sort all this out yet, for example pu a photo in and then write underneath, sorry everyone, so we have...
*cath kidston makeup bag...lovveeeeee itttt
i dont carry my foundation around with me, but i am currently using macs studio fix fluid!
in my makeup bag i have..
*mineral skin finish in medium
*estee lauder smoothing concealer
*dollymix blush by mac
*body shop shimmer waves in bronze
*gentle coral lip conditoner from mac
*sublime culture lip liner from mac
*bourjois lip tint
*cherry carmex love love love
*optrex brightening eye eyedrops!
*tester of estee lauder double wear mascara
*rimmel sexy curves mascara
*barry m automatic eye pencil in black
*gosh bananas eye kohl
*gosh on stage cool lip jam
*mac speed dial lipstick
*compact mirror
*creative solar oil
hope you all understand this as i know its a random set up of the products ha xxxx

Handbag contents continued


Hey guys! so i thought i would jump on the bandwagon of this, maybe a bit late but better than never right?

so here goes, at the moment im carrying this lovely black patent leather bag round with me, my sister gave me it and i think its an asos number but not 100% sure on that

and as for the contents.....

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Hey there everyone, so thought i would add some pictures so you can all see what i look like when im commenting etc haha
guess what???? i recorded my very first video and was soooo excited about it BUT when i transfered it to my computer the sound didnt transfer with it!!! arggghhhh any ideas where i went wrong guys??????? xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 11 April 2009

hey guys just a little update for u, so..... today at work me and my good friend decided, spur of the moment as per usual to get some new piercings, so i got my traegus(not sure of the spelling) and belly button pierced for a second time, and im delighted with the results, as soon as my cameras working ill get some photos up for you! im sure you all know what they look like tho hehe anyway have a lovely easter weekend all, and dont eat too many choccies like me xxxx xxx

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

in my spare time i like to sing xxx

soooo makeup, fashion and other lovely things aside for the minute, iv been thinking lately that im soooo sick of being single and meeting loooossssseeeerrrr after loooosssseeeerrrr!! and im starting to maybe think that my sexy pulling face (above) could b the reason???? what do u all think? hehe

Sunday, 5 April 2009

so inspired by a lot of the guru's here on you tube i thort i do my in's and out's hope u enjoy xx

*victor & rolf flowerbomb perfume, i love love love this scent and have never had as many comments wearing a perfume as i have with this baby LOVE ITTTTTTT!
*mac's dollymix blush, i love the rich pigmentation and along with my white hair it looks amazing, next on my list mac pros azalea blush!! gorge!
*h&m my fave shop
*sunshine, yey ok so i know theres not been a lot but theres been enuff for me and my colleagues at work to sit outside on our lunch breaks, and sun = flip flops which i also love but will be needing a long overdue pedicure first xx

*falling up the step in my friends garden and gashing my elbow and knee, not attractive at all!
*the black smudges im getting under my eyes from the new rimmel sexy curves mascara which i love so very dissapointed : (
*the fact i am sooooooo broke, not good
*spots spots spots, when will my skin ever b flawless?????????

i love reading all yours so i hope my first attempt is ok xxx
hey everyone, sorry for the lack of posts, just tpo let u all know ill be starting to do some videos very soon so please bear with me xxx