Sunday, 5 April 2009

so inspired by a lot of the guru's here on you tube i thort i do my in's and out's hope u enjoy xx

*victor & rolf flowerbomb perfume, i love love love this scent and have never had as many comments wearing a perfume as i have with this baby LOVE ITTTTTTT!
*mac's dollymix blush, i love the rich pigmentation and along with my white hair it looks amazing, next on my list mac pros azalea blush!! gorge!
*h&m my fave shop
*sunshine, yey ok so i know theres not been a lot but theres been enuff for me and my colleagues at work to sit outside on our lunch breaks, and sun = flip flops which i also love but will be needing a long overdue pedicure first xx

*falling up the step in my friends garden and gashing my elbow and knee, not attractive at all!
*the black smudges im getting under my eyes from the new rimmel sexy curves mascara which i love so very dissapointed : (
*the fact i am sooooooo broke, not good
*spots spots spots, when will my skin ever b flawless?????????

i love reading all yours so i hope my first attempt is ok xxx


  1. Oooh, must try out Dollymix one day! Hope your elbow and knee is okay now! x

  2. there much better now thankyou haha im just soooo clumsy xx