Monday, 20 April 2009

barry m lilac lip paint

hey guys!!
is it just me that really hates that lilac colour?
i mean... it makes teeth appear yellowy, looks like its just sitting on top of your lips etc etc i hate hate hate it!!
i honestly really dont thnk its a nice colour?
anyone else agree or does everyone love it?xxx


  1. yeah i agree, im not too sure what all the hype is about :S suits lady gaga though! :) no lilac is definitly not for me!

  2. im glad someone is with me! even on her i dont like it xxx

  3. I bought this thinking it would be a great dupe for lavendar whip by MAC, which I also own, but I don't like it as much as the MAC one - Lavender whip has a more blue undertone which prevents the yellow teeth effect...I like lilac, but it has to be the right lilac! xx

  4. mmm ur probably right but i dont think lilac is my colour, my mam said i look dead with it on as shes used to seeing me with bright lips!!
    i like lilac just not on my face haha xxx

  5. I have it.. and i hate it.
    It makes me look like a corpse.. and I never worke it apart from the day I got it!!

  6. i havent wore myn either, i ust got the barry m one to see what all the hpe was about!! AWFUL!! xxx

  7. im not a fan of purple toned lipsticks either.
    yellow teeth and clwonish.
    not a good look tbh.

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